cropped-payroll-ne-logo_transparent.pngIn your business, you do incredible things.
Payroll shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Established in 2012, Payroll Northeast is a full-service Payroll Provider – designed to remove the stress of paying employees from small to medium sized businesses. Nope, we’re not “in the cloud”. We are real people who fully understand Payroll Requirements and know how to avoid mistakes in setup and distribution. 

Why use software that makes you handle your own payroll when you could partner with a real person?



Why Us?

Erin Murphy, CEO, is an Enrolled Agent with over 12 years in business. She oversees each account’s setup process to ensure accuracy, and is available to discuss any changes to employee status.

We are real people. Sure, you could use QuickBooks or countless other ‘online’ providers, but it will ultimately be YOU that manages the payroll. In your business, what is your time worth?

How It Works


• Contact us to discuss your business details (Number of Employees, Pay Cycle, etc.)

• We’ll provide a service quote.

• We’ll setup your employee information, and get started.

That’s It.


… I can honestly say we are familiar with just about every payroll company that exists; … Not only did PNE do what other companies couldn’t, they did it for the same price; simply incredible. J&B Crosby & Co. is a proud strategic partner with Payroll Northeast and highly recommends them to anyone looking for a great payroll processing business partner.

– BC, J & B Crosby & Co.

I was unaware how critical it would be, once a large problem occurred, to have the most attentive, most informed, hardest working and most competent payroll service as part of my support team. …  Payroll Northeast will forever handle my payroll services, because the one person at a time, that I want to be dealing with, works there!!

– JM, Aberdeen Home Care